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Who remembers the tens of thousands imprisioned without trials

Mr Erdogan really does know how to play the game while others simply look on and complain.

Despite the corrupt practices in which he and family members have been shown to be involved, his use of government funds to buy votes for self and party, the Turkish people have re-elected them and created an Executive Presidency that gives him political longevity regardless of the tide turning against the AKP.

Seldom these days do we hear anything about the tens of thousands of imprisioned without trials simply because they voiced their opposition. Understandably therefore the shock horror of his losing the popular vote must not be permitted to stand and, as locking up the individuals who brought this disaster to his feet would bring uncontrollable outrage, it is decided to criminalize them instead.

I have no sympathy for the Turkish people in general who have the government they elected, my sympathies lie only with those imprisoned because they dared to be critical and two friends of mine in particular who have not been heard from since they were taken away in chains following the supposed coup.


Erdogan says Imamoglu’s alleged insult could bar him from Istanbul mayoralty



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