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Serial killer trial to start on Monday

The self-confessed serial killer of five women and two girls was on Friday referred to a direct trial at the Nicosia criminal court, set to begin on Monday.

Nicos Metaxas, 35, appeared before the Nicosia district court under tight security and unrepresented.

The police investigative team presented the court the seven complete case files against Metaxas, who faces seven life sentences, one per victim.  Five missing women and two girls, the young daughters of two of them, were all murdered between September 2016 and the summer of 2018.

Two were found in a mine shaft at Mitsero, three at a nearby lake, one in another lake at Xyliatos and one in a well near the Orounta firing range. All were foreign nationals, mostly Filipino. The bodies were recovered between mid-April and mid-June this year.

It is the first case of a serial killer recorded in Cyprus.

Metaxas also faces charges of intervention in the investigation process, of attempting to destroy evidence, and of rape, though he has denied the latter.

The duration of the trial will depend on Metaxas. If he remains consistent with his confession to the seven murders and pleads guilty to the charges faced, the trial is expected to move swiftly.

After serving 56 days under police remand, Metaxas was transferred to the central prisons pending the initiation of his trial on Monday.

The highest sentence given by a Cyprus court has so far been five life sentences to Demetris Mamalikopoulos and Anastasios Tsehelides, the Greek hitmen who attempted to kill businessman Phanos Kalopsidiotis in Ayia Napa in June 2012.

Kalopsidiotis was eventually murdered in 2016 in Ayia Napa along with police officer Elias Hadjiefthymiou, 46, and his wife Skevi, 39. They were gunned down while having dinner at the Stone Garden restaurant on the evening of June 23. One of the shooters, Albanian Yiani Vogli, was also killed.



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