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Music Seminar with Efrén López

Music enthusiasts should keep the weekend of June 29 and 30 free as Spanish composer and multi-instrumentalist Efrén López is coming to Cyprus to hold a special music workshop in Nicosia. Invited by the Pyrinas Artist Collective and the Embassy of Spain, the musician will lead a seminar on composing, arranging and improvising in modal music of the east.

The goal of this workshop is the experimentation within the field of so-called Modal music, which uses melody as an expressive medium and bases its structure on certain very specific and defined scales, norms and aesthetics of motion and ornamentation.

“For that reason,” said the seminar organisers, “we analyse pieces belonging to several traditions which use those modal systems: Greek, Turkish, Iranian, Arabic, Azeri, Indian and Afghan music, both in their melodic and rhythmical aspects. Departing from the analysis of all of this material we can create our own compositions, arrangements and improvisations, using particular intervals, odd meter rhythms and other elements not habitual in the traditions of Western Europe.”

There are a couple of basic elements that the seminar will focus on. One will be an introduction to Turkish Makam, closely related to the Arabic Maqam, the Persian Dastgah and the Byzantine Echos. The other will be an introduction to the Indian rhythmical term Tala and the final basic element will focus on the Raga modal system as used primarily in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Those participating in the workshop, at a cost of €80, will earn free entrance to the June 29 concert at the Cultural Workshop of Ayioi Omoloyites. Joining Efrén López in the performance will be Vassilis Filippou and Michalis Kouloumis. For those just attending the concert and not the seminar, a small entrance fee of €7 will be charged.


Music Seminar with Efrén López

Seminar with Spanish composer and multi-instrumentalist on composing, arranging and improvising in modal musics of the east. June 29-30. Cultural Workshop of Ayioi Omoloyites, Nicosia. 10am-1pm and 4pm-6pm. €80. In Greek and English. Tel: 99-529754, 99-786202

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