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Prices in general lower than EU average, apart from food  

Alcohol prices are lower than the EU average

Food prices in Cyprus are 8.4 per cent higher than the EU average, while in general Cyprus prices are below average, especially housing, a newly published Eurostat data graph shows.

Last week, a similar Eurostat report showed that Cyprus was the most expensive country in the bloc for milk, eggs and cheese, coming in 36 per cent more expensive than the EU average.

The new graph reveals that for alcoholic beverages and tobacco, people in Cyprus pay 9.8 per cent less than the average European in their country, for clothing 2.1 per cent less, for housing the number is 26.7 per cent, for furniture and carpets 4.9 per cent, for transport equipment such as cars and bicycles 11.7 per cent, transport services 6.3 per cent, communications including postal services 14 per cent, and restaurants and hotels 7.8 per cent.

Iceland stands out as being extremely expensive. It has the highest prices for clothing, transport services and recreation, and its restaurants and hotels are 76.1 per cent higher than the EU average.

Switzerland has the most pricey food and housing, while drinking and smoking cost a lot in Norway, with prices 126.1 per cent above the average EU country.

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