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Car dealer arrested over alleged theft of €10,000

The 41-year-old owner of a car dealership in the Paphos area was arrested in connection with the alleged theft of €10,000 after a dispute over the sale of a car.

According to police on Tuesday, a complaint was lodged by a 58-year-old who said he had made a deal with the 41-year-old to purchase a Mercedes vehicle in monthly instalments of €1,000. The car would be registered to the name of the 58-year-old once the full sum was paid.

The complainant told police that he finished paying his monthly installments in December but received more requests from the 41-year-old.

According to the older man, the car dealership owner then used a spare key to steal the car, which had inside it a €7,000 watch and €10,000 in cash.

After securing a search warrant, the police located the car and found the watch but not the cash.

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