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Climate change is being mis-reported (web)

UN climate agency reports faster growth in CO2 levels

Climate change is NOT a hoax, but it’s certainly being mis-reported.

The world’s climate has always been changing; sometimes the world is hotter (on average) over many decades, sometimes it is cooler. Nature is an amazing self-regulator, and whatever we pump into the atmosphere or seas will be offset in some way by natural processes.

Too much CO2, and algae (which absorb 100x more CO2 than forests) go on a feeding spree. When they die, they fall to the bottom of the sea, and are recycled into the next oil deposits that will be exploited 100 million years from now by whatever intelligent species replaces mankind.

Think about it, there’s only so much carbon in the world, and it’s either going to be in the air, or in the sea, soil and rocks.

Nature doesn’t care about human needs, it just processes whatever chemicals are available, and everything balances out in the end.

Cyp O M

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