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Asylum seekers are here to stay in today’s world of strife and poverty

File photo migrant reception camp in Kokkinotrimithia Photo Christos Theodordes

Wonder why it took Turkey so long to exploit this methodology.

Or is the republic looking for an excuse to close borders? Can’t stop them getting to Greek islands from Turkey. The minister doesn’t say how much Brussels pays us to take them in. Could be a money spinner – house them in empty tower blocks. Employ them in the fields, builders. labourers, etc.

There are 70 million displaced persons worldwide and the minister complains about a few thousand; the full catastrophe! Oh, do stop it minister and do your job, which is to accommodate these unfortunates like Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon et al have done.

Asylum seekers and refugees are here to stay in today’s world of strife and poverty.


to which RSE replied

It is all about a percentage with the population, read the article well and then talk about 70 million
(making it number one on the list of top receiving countries per capita).

Do you compare a country with less than a million with one with more than 80 million?

GJA responded…

Quite! So do the math; Turkey 80 million with 4 million migrants = 5% of total populatin.
Cyprus with a populatin of a million and 20 thousand refugees = 2%.

I did read the article, but you believed Petrides. I didn’t…
Petrides should list only those held in camps, not free roaming.

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