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Cyprus cannot sit on the fence much longer (web)

File photo: Robert Menendez addressing an event in the US

The US has the capacity to come down extremely hard on any country’s banks that do not comply with money laundering (and terrorism funding) regulations and there is no doubt that the US sees Cyprus as a location that facilitates Russian money laundering. There is also trouble a brewin’ in the area as the US looks to confront Iran and it’s alleged activities.

Russia, Iran, Syria and Turkey are a somewhat unholy alliance and Cyprus is going to find it extremely difficult to play piggy in the middle with that lot and the US.


A view shared by TW

Time for Cyprus (ROC) to make a choice and stop this nonsense of trying to please both masters of the world, either hide under the skirt of Russia or go hold on to USA.

Russia other than lip service and lately getting in bed with Turkey has not done much for ROC. Yes USA has screwed Cyprus in the past in 1974 but the truth is Cyprus was asking for it and she got it.

Now totally different times.

Both parties support Greece and Cyprus against the Turks. Both parties are willing to spend money to help ROC and both parties are willing to take her under their umbrella. There has never been a better time to join the West for ROC.

However in her usual naive ways, and listening to AKEL, she will once again mess it all up by pretending to be strong enough to play the one (USA) against the other (Russia).

Approved US arms embargo bill asks Cyprus to deny Russian military vessels access to ports for refuelling and servicing


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