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Supreme court overturns manslaughter verdict in Limassol killings, cites premeditation

The victims of Christakis Thoma
The victims of Christakis Thoma (Christoforos Nestoros)

The supreme court on Wednesday accepted the attorney-general’s appeal against the initial decision of the Limassol criminal court which ruled that the killing of three men by Christakis Thoma, 33, in November 2015 in Limassol was a case of manslaughter.

Overturning the criminal court’s ruling reached in April 2017, whereby Thoma was sentenced to 35 years imprisonment on each count which were to run concurrently, the supreme court unanimously agreed that the murders were in fact premeditated.

As premediated murder carries an automatic life sentence, the supreme court’s ruling modified Thomas’ imprisonment to three life sentences, to run consecutively.

Christakis Thoma

Christakis Thoma was found guilty of killing brothers Constantinos and Paraschos Ntorzi, aged 19 and 21, and Emilios Miltiadous, 24, on November 24, 2015 in Limassol.

Initially, the Limassol criminal court had ruled in its guilty verdict that, violent as the killings of the three victims were, it had not been proven that Thoma had acted with premeditation. The court therefore found him guilty of manslaughter, a charge that carries a maximum of life in prison.

On Wednesday, the supreme court found that it is beyond doubt that Thoma had the “mens rea of murder, meaning the premeditation for the committing of the murders.”

The three-member court of appeal said that the necessity of imposing the life sentences consecutively lay in that “each count has a separate foundation of facts and a separate victim,” for each of which “a family has been buried in mourning.”

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