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America is forcing the issue and it’s decision time now (web)

Tough choices for President Anastasiades

For years the Cypriot political establishment have shouted from the rooftops that they’re European in heritage and look to the West but from the the first day of independence in August 1960, they flirted with the Soviet Union and its successor, the Russian Federation.

The fact of the matter is that America is forcing the issue and it’s decision time. If the fence-sitting policy, that kicked off with Makarios and has continued ever since, persists, any plea for assistance in the face of potential military threats AND action will be ignored and the the Republic will yet again get whacked as per 20th July 1974.

I suspect that Anastasiades will sit on his hands and do nothing – just like all his predecessors – as he has an elephant in the room in the form of a third of the electorate being AKELites. And then there’s the presence of thousands of Russians, especially in his home town of Limassol.

Cypriot politicians have a consistent history of procrastinating when it comes to decision-making and this conundrum will be no different.

In short, the island should be prepared for whatever transpires as it will pass up the one nation who might possibly convert words with action – unlike that other country which only mouths that its policy on the island is one of ‘principled stands’ of nothingness.


a different opinion from T

What about neither and demanding that Cyprus sovereignty be respected. Don’t allow others to decide Cyprus policies or tell Cyprus whom to befriend.

Cyprus should give and take as it sees fit and should’t accept ultimatums by anybody.

Middle East is a dangerous region and remaining neutral is key to Cyprus survival.  Cyprus has valuable resources and strategic location. During these critical times, US sees Cyprus as a commodity and wants it all to itself. Remain friends with both and remind both countries that Cyprus is not to be told what to do.

Diplomacy is key and use both but don’t let them use you. You see your true friends when you need them and not the other way around.

If Cyprus chooses the US, be ready to confront an angry Russia who might in the long run help Turkey against Cyprus.

Why does Cyprus care if the embargo is removed? All the weapons in the world won’t protect Cyprus against Turkey or Russia. Take advantage of the EU membership, become stronger by uniting Cyprus and that eliminates any excuses or opportunities for Turkey and other outsiders to threaten or bully.

Remember, US is doing what is best for US and Israel. Did any of the two come to Cyprus rescue in 1974? As for Russia, it might use the same excuse Turkey used in 74 to attack Cyprus. Turkey’s was to protect the TCs, Russia’s will be to protect the Russians in Cyprus.


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