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I have given up all hope that Varosha will ever be returned

Varosha's once famous Orange festival

As a former resident of Varosha, I’ve long given up hope that the town will be returned anytime soon.

And no. I’m not being defeatist or even remotely negative but merely pragmatic. From the moment that the talks collapsed at Crans Montana in Switzerland, it was patently obvious that the leadership of the Republic, and by that I mean Anastasiades in person, had absolutely no intention of reaching an accord with the north/Turkey.

What the ‘Great Leader’ is doing is making noises that he wants the talks’ process to restart while at the same time setting preconditions and red lines, rather like demanding that the offside rule doesn’t apply to him in a football game.

This in itself betrays his real policy: to cement the status quo and in reality be as much of a failure as his predecessors. And as for ‘being shaken out of his stupor’, no chance. He likes things just as they are.

All this means is that those like myself are the last of the original refugees and soon we’ll be no more as Father Time beckons. And when that happens, the Cyprob will in effect be solved.


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