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Paphos mayor bemoans delay in re-opening museum

The Paphos archaeological museum has been closed since 2016

The Paphos museum has been closed since 2016 because the department of antiquities is shirking its responsibilities, Paphos Mayor Phedonas Phedonos announced, while the department responded by saying time was needed to carry out the necessary works.

“It is extraordinary that the department of antiquities and its management have no answer to the substance of the problem that has been publicly raised and concerns the case of the archaeological museum of Paphos, which has been closed since 2016 and may reopen in 2020,” the mayor said in a written statement.

“The answer of the department speaks for itself and simply confirms the evident, which is that the department simply cannot manage the renovation properly and efficiently,” he went on to write.

According to the mayor, the director of the department, Marina Solomidou-Ieronimidou, “instead of addressing the pressing and ongoing problems concerning the protection and promotion of the archaeological wealth of our country, is busy with her work trips abroad.”

He warned he intends to inform the auditor-general about the situation.

Responding to the mayor’s remarks, curator Despo Pilidou said the department of antiquities is proceeding with the project. Work on the building has been completed, and now the department is waiting for some items which have been ordered after calls for tenders were issued, in accordance with the regulations.

Time is needed for the necessary procedures to be carried out, she pointed out.

Showcases which are under construction in Athens will be checked and installed as soon as they arrive, and even tenders for the installation of the artefacts to be placed inside them will have to be obtained, since “we are not private individuals”.

Until September, the department of antiquities will have the showcases, Pilidou said.

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