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The President has missed his chance

The President of the Republic attends a dinner with the leader of the Turkish Cypriot community and the Foreign Ministers or representatives of the Foreign Ministers of the guarantor powers, hosted by the UN Secretary General in Crans Montana, Switzerland

Anastasiades missed his chance and he thought he can play games with the UN regarding the talks. He has lost the game with the UN as they are not stupid and know it was his antics that failed the talks in Grand Montana.

Instead of focusing on resumption he sought alternatives and forged his gas policy as if the talks can be held in cold storage. For the nth time the GCs have miscalculated the actions of Turkey and the EU debacle is no surprise as they also know who led the talks to a failure.

In short we have no support from anyone and those harbouring illusions that with Exxon the US 6th fleet will prevent Turkey have to think again.

Having dinner with Ozersay to undermine Akinci is another big miscalculation since the Turks are more united that what Anastasiades thinks and he sets conditions on resumption which will not happen.

In the end he will have to eat humble pie since most GCs will decide that he wants partition. He has proved to be insincere and the world knows his games which only the nail in Cyprus now believe will pay off.

Some commentators suggest that it is best to keep the land we have and not give an inch for TC  participation and hope to have the gas revenues for ourselves!

Not going to happen is it?


Anastasiades asks Guterres to help towards resumption of talks


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