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Shoud Cyprus burn all bridges with Russia? (web)

File photo: A view of Russian warships during celebrations of the Defender of the Fatherland Day in Sevastopol

The agreement signed with Russia in 2015 has a certain term. The agreement cannot and should not be broken unilaterally by one party, in this case Cyprus. It would not only be stupid to do so, being that Russia now for the first time in it’s history has a real presence in this corner of the Mediterranean, but it would also be a horrible display of diplomacy and statesmanship.

As a Government to throw away a treaty like the U.S. suggests would remove credibility from Cyprus not only from the current government, but for successive governments as well.

If Cyprus went along with the U.S. demand, it would burn a bridge with Russia. Cyprus cannot afford that. However, any nation that asks you to burn a bridge with another nation, with which you have had good relations, deserves to have their bridge burned with you

The U.S. made the ground fertile for a Turkish invasion of the island, facilitated, planned and physically helped the invasion in many ways. Politically it did not move to condemn either the overthrow of Makarios or the invasion and Kissinger went as far as to say ” there is no Ameircan reason, why turkey should not be in possession of part of Cyprus” , IOW, read between the lines.

During all those years when Cyprus was relatively defenseless who were the major suppliers of arms to Cyprus ? Russia and France and to a lessor extent, Brazil and Italy. Russian arms still make up the bulk of Cyprus National Guard weaponry . Meanwhile the U.S. wouldn’t even sell a rifle to the Cyprus army. How can we forget this?

Despite all of these injustices and the current demand from the U.S. for earth and water, from the government of Cyprus, the American offer can still be considered but only one very large condition: remove Turkish troops from the island by force and by the same means and restore the status quo pre july 20th 1974, and then we can reject Russian ships from docking. I think that’s fair.

Anything short of this cannot happen. Just my reasonable opinion.

OM’s response was brief…

Soo much analysis !?! It all boils down to one thing … when the USA wants to anchor its fleet of aircraft carriers and support ships in Cyprus, it doesn’t want to share port facilities with the Russian navy.

No problem/mention at all of/with Russian commercial vessels.


We do not have a choice

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