Cyprus Mail

We blame the sun, moon and stars for our disasters

Spyros Kyprianou, was president of Cyprus from 1977 to 1988

Where there is no strong leadership…there is no hope!

A very good article and well put in its proper perspective. The trouble with Cyprus is we have been governed by ‘slaves’ of their own Kommata (parties) who have so far showed no mind of their own in the interest of the country, but only for political party gains.

In my opinion this place needs catharsis from the very top to the bottom and must start to operate on meritocracy in all sectors of society…if not, things would never change but the leadership would continue as they have done for decades.


The presidents have certainly been lacking in the ability to discharge their responsibilities, but we should not forget the Church’s inadequacies and hypocrisy too.

Christ teaches us to be tolerant, understanding, to turn the other cheek, and most importantly – his new commandment – to love thy neighbour.

What we have instead is Simonian privileges, intolerance and bigotry.


and on a much lighter note OXI’s response

GC President’s are always right, Rule 1 President is always – right Rule 2 when President is wrong refer to rule 1.


A litany of leadership mistakes



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