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British have quirky, prudish mores when it comes to indiscretions among their politicians

Britain's former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson

The British have quirky, prudish mores when it comes to indiscretions among their politicians whereas their Gallic cousins are far more accepting of ‘bits on the side’. Hm. Perhaps it’s their general holier-than-thou attitude which leaps at the slightest opportunity to point fingers at others in order to make themselves feel better and more worthy or perhaps it’s a throwback to their Puritan heritage.

As to whether Johnson attains the highest office in the land, that’s still debatable as the Tory faithful might well surmise that he’s not exactly the safe pair of hands after all. This remains to be seen. Johnson seems to pump out all sorts of ideas and promises and some have even likened him to Churchill. Er, I think not. He has none of the inbuilt leadership qualities and certainly not the command of English. As for giving the impression that once Prime Minister he’ll hightail it off to Brussels and tell the EU what for, I think not, yet again. The latter have made it abundantly clear that there’s nothing more to discuss about the Irish backstop or indeed anything else.

If Johnson does indeed return empty-handed as I suspect, those same Tory faithful will be saddled with not only a buffoon, whose chimeric promises such as pumping those ‘saved’ payments to the E.U. of £350 million per week into the NHS, but more of a lame duck than his predecessor as his credibility will be zero.



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