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Patriotic rhetoric has gifted Cyprus to Turkey

file photo Kyrenia high street

I assure you that if Turkey ‘wanted to swallow’ the remainder of Cyprus and turn it into ‘an Islamic Turkish protectorate’, it would have done so by now. It’s already completed that task in the north and there’s no going back.

I’m not writing this with any delight but merely stating the obvious.

Turkey has more than it wants and it was gifted to her by Makarios, Yiorkadjis, Sampson and Greece with their collective ‘patriotic’ rhetoric, perceived rightness of their cause, arrogant belief that they were unassailable and that Turkey would never have the nerve to invade.

Congratulations all round.


In reply to comment by Ant…

It takes two to tango. Our neighbours do not want to “get on with us.” Our neighbours want to swallow us; to turn us into an Islamic Turkish protectorate.

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