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Further presentations of Odysseas Toumazou’s new album

Guitarist and composer Odysseas Toumazou is preparing to release his debut album Ensticto, songs from which will be performed at three upcoming music festivals in Cyprus. Inspired by his musical journey so far, Toumazou returns to Cyprus with a three-piece band comprising of George Koulas on drums, Andreas Rodosthenous on electric bass and himself on guitar.

The Odysseas Toumazou Trio is a project dedicated to performing original compositions and his work has been described as “truly authentic and strong, a personal sound within the guitar-trio-genre.” His influences are wide and include jazz, classical and traditional music that create a unique sound catering to a variety of audiences. Improvisation is a key element of his music, allowing for an immersive experience between the audience and the band during performances.

“Ensticto is the Greek word for instinct,” says the artist, “an innate ability to respond to any given moment. It is an inner voice or dialogue that serves as a guide to what comes naturally and something that belongs to each and every one of us individually. To be instinctive musically is to listen and respond to the moment, as well as to adapt to each situation specifically.”

Although these compositions have been recorded, when performed live they are never played the same twice. This defines the essence of acting upon instinct – the ability to express oneself, moment to moment, according to one’s emotions. These compositions, therefore, represent the process of finding oneself through the beauty of spontaneous musical expression; of following one’s own musical instinct.

Having played at Aglanjazz, the Odysseas Toumazou Trio will present Toumazou’s work at two further music festivals in Cyprus: Windcraft Festival in Katydata village on August 10 and during the Paradise Jazz festival on August 23 featuring Michalis Kouloumis on violin.


Album Presentation

The Odysseas Toumazou Trio present the musician’s latest album. August 10. Windcraft Festival in Katydata village. August 23. Paradise Jazz festival, Paphos.

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