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Bad publicity will hopefully put pressure on the Cypus government to take immediate action

The destroyed interior of one of the Pissouri homes

The (Pissouri) landslide article was featured as a double page spread across the centre pages of the Daily Mail’s ‘MoneyMail’ supplement yesterday – as well as featuring in its website and social media platforms.

The Daily Mail is the UK’s second largest selling newspaper. It has twice the readership of the ‘Daily Mirror’ and three times the readership of ‘The Times’. The Daily Mail also has the second largest on-line readership of any of the UK national newspapers.

Hopefully it will put further pressure on the Cypriot Government to take effective action.

Cyprus’ name has already been dragged through the mud over the ‘Title-deed-cum-fraud-mess’ fiasco. Let’s hope the government comes to its senses soon.



‘Sunshine dream in ruins’: Pissouri homeowners’ plight features in UK press


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