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Cyprus, the country which feeds the most antibiotics to farm animals in Europe ?(web)

We know that antibiotics will contaminate the milk of animals who are fed or injected with them either as treatment or as feed additive and growth promoter.

However the halloumi making process involves the boiling of the cheese in the whey after the curd is pressed .

Whether this process deactivates the traces of antibiotics in the milk or not should be subject to a scientific study.

Moreover, the amount of halloumi produced in Cyprus seems to surpass the local milk production of the country ( my opinion I have no data to support this) .

If this is true halloumi is without a doubt produced from imported powdered milk or a mix of fresh and powdered milk. Perhaps the contamination is from the imported powdered milk…

Questions are put forward to the competent authorities to verify or refute.


Swedes warned off eating Cyprus halloumi

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