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Greens draft bill to keep sunbed touts from hogging water’s edge

Greens MP George Perdikis has drafted a bill aiming to ensure that operators do not saturate beaches with sun beds and umbrellas forcing all bathers to rent them.

The bill aims to amend the Foreshore Protection Law, under which the term ‘provision of public beach services’ refers to the placement, at specific spots on the beach, of sun beds and umbrellas in order to rent or provide them to bathers.

Perdikis noticed that the law as it stands allows beach operators a loophole. It currently states that for each area of placement of sun beds and umbrellas, the local plan mandates that the maximum permissible number of such units do not cover more than 50 per cent of the surface area in question.

But the proposed amendment adds the following: “It is further understood that sun beds and umbrellas in each area are placed vertically in relation to the shoreline, in a way that the sun beds and umbrellas do not cover more than 50 per cent of said area toward the sea.”

In short, the amendment aims to stop municipalities or private businesses from packing the best parts of a beach – the spots nearest the water – with these units, which forces bathers not wishing to rent further to the back.

Due to the upcoming parliament recess, the bill will be discussed in the autumn, so it would not apply for this summer season.

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