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Bar Review: The Terrace, Nicosia

I’ve always wondered why the old town of Nicosia has a grand total of zero rooftop bars. After a night out at the gin-centred popup botanical garden created by Granazi bar’s takeover of the rooftop of the 1010 Hall at the heart of old Nicosia, the lack of rooftop bars now makes even less sense.

After a successful first go of the takeover last year, the Terrace returned for a couple of months this summer, and will run until mid-July, so get there quick.

And of course it was and is successful. I mean, what could be more compatible than rooftop bars and unbearable summer temperatures in a sea-less city?

The place is n-i-c-e, too. To get to the roof, you enter an unassuming door that looks just like the rest of the entrances of the old buildings, only to find a whole different story inside.

Climbing plants and blue lighting paint the staircase while steps on the second story turn into piano keys and suddenly, you’re on the roof sprinkled with high tables and fairy lights and probably having your first breath of cool air in weeks.

The menu is pretty much gin with this and gin with that, with some exceptions, so it was no surprise to later find out that the takeover is hosted in collaboration with Tanqueray gin.

But whatever this and that you choose to mix your gin with, it seems to always turn out just perfect (and yes, I did try the drinks of almost all of my friends). My drink was priced at €8, and the others were somewhere around that price range too.

Granazi seems to have gone all out and even added the cherry on top: nights are embellished with food and the grooves of local djs.


The Terrace

Where: 1010Hall – 19 Grammou & 24 Areadne Str., Nicosia

When: Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday until mid-July. 6pm-12am

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