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Friends of the Earth Cyprus launch ‘trash map’ initiative

By Stefanos Marangos

Friends of the Earth Cyprus, have created an interactive map on their website where the public can “add a marker” on locations which are polluted by plastic or trash.

All people need to do is upload a photograph with a comment. The photographs are then marked in the map with a red marker.

The project is titled ‘Stop the plastic flow’ which is supported by Beyond Plastic Med.

The aim is to present the locations which have been turned into dumping grounds and to record the areas which either have inadequate or missing garbage bins in forests, valleys, beaches, nature trails, rivers, dams, cities or villages.

The ‘trash map’ aims to inform and sensitise the public with regards to pollution, as well as encourage collective action by putting pressure on the local authorities and the people in charge for plastic and trash pollution in Cyprus.

Friends of the Earth Cyprus organise cleanups which are regularly published on their media platforms and they invite the public to join them, while they encourage people to form small groups of volunteers to clean locations of their choice. When a location is cleaned-up the red marker changes to a green heart, after communicating with Friends of the Earth Cyprus at [email protected].

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The volunteers who participate in the programme are encouraged to use the hashtag #StopThePlasticFlow during the related activities.

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Εmail: [email protected], [email protected]

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