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Homeless shelter opens its doors in Limassol

A centre for the homeless is opening its doors in Limassol aiming to offer psychological support, help in finding a place to live and an action plan to help people get back on their feet.

The centre, called Sxedia will begin operation on Monday, July 15 and has been set up by the Limassol municipality in cooperation with the labour ministry. It is located on the east of the Tsirio Stadium on 17, Domnitsas Lanitou Kavounidou, 3116.

The core aim is to ensure no one is left on the streets. Homeless people can be taken to the centre which is safe and sheltered where they can shower, snack, rest and be protected from the elements.

It can cater to around 20 to 25 people per week.

Sxedia is staffed by social workers, psychologists and cooperates with the social welfare office as well as the police. It also seeks to offer psychological support, basic medical care where possible and social support.

Another primary purpose is to reintegrate people back into society through helping them find work and a home. Sxedia will maintain contact with both state services and NGOs to that end, offering counselling services and carrying out street work to locate people in immediate need of help. It will also collect statistical data and according to the centre, this is the first time this is being carried out and will help to monitor and evaluate problems of homelessness in Limassol.

Sxedia staff can be reached at Tel: 25 347878 where the public is encouraged to inform the centre of any instances of homelessness or cases where help is needed. The line operates from 8am to 9pm during weekdays and from 10am to 5pm on weekends

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