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We must choose between slowing down or asphyxiating ‘growth’

Kissonerga bay

Cruise ships are a major cause of air pollution and habitat destruction in the Med.

Venice has banned them, Barcelona and Marseille are trying to ban them. Palma di Majorca is a favourite destination and has spent millions to accommodate them with no consideration for the damage they cause to the island’s environment.

They burn millions of tons of filthy mazut even when docked to keep a/c and onboard entertainment running at full whack.

Cyprus is too hot during summer months and most passengers prefer to remain on board. Cyprus is not on a major cruiser tourist route and Paphos is wasting public money investing in deep water facilities. Passenger traffic has quadrupled in the past 20 years and is now at a staggering 17 million in the Med alone, the number one destination worldwide.

New, larger liners are added to fleets annually. By 2030 passenger numbers are estimated at 30 million. The Med is fast becoming fishless and a sewer for tourist waste; its coastline increasingly concreted and commercial and tourist shipping lanes and beaches increasingly overcrowded. The insatiable greed of tour operators, fossil fuel suppliers, the general public and economic beneficiaries of tourism is unsustainable.

Uncontrolled investment and growth will make the Med coastlines uninhabitable to humans by 2050. Beirut has a coastline population of 6 million, which tips its waste, including sewage, directly into the sea. The phosphate factory industrialisation at Gades, in Tunisia, empties its waste into the sea and destroyed the once buoyant fishing industry.

We must choose between slowing down or asphyxiating ‘growth’…Cyprus can only accommodate so much concrete and tourism before it becomes a no go island.


Docking facilities for cruise ships in Paphos tabled

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