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Decisions, decisions

By Richard Dickenson

Isn’t life just full of them? Every last one of them important decisions. Do you support Liverpool or Spurs? Were you rooting for Exeter Chiefs or the Saracens? Are you Catholic or Jewish, is it Ave Maria or Oy-vey Maria? Are you pro Trump or anti? Is your dog your best friend, or your cat?

Everywhere decisions until your head is buzzin’ all the way from Paphos til Wednesday. This is bad news for those of us who can never even decide whether we prefer the milk or the sugar to go first into the tea.

So, what do you fancy? Sea view or mountain view? One lump or two? Keo or Carlsberg? Tory or Socialist?

The popular big variable at the moment is still Brexit v. Remain. There are so many points for and against each that there is far more confusion than there is understanding. Remainers are mainly of two main groups. There are those who regard the whole European Empire plan as a forward-looking political movement with the loftiest possible intentions. The other sector concentrates mainly on the ways in which they see the overall plan mainly as a financially advantageous option for themselves particularly.

The Brexit Cavaliers, on the other hand, loathe the idea of British courts, citizens and laws, to say nothing of the armed forces, being under the command of ‘foreigners’ whose history has seldom included respect or even regard for the island’s traditions and standards.

Now, this LGBT list of sexual options is another puzzle. To start with why is there no N [for Neither]. Biologically, a male is an individual that produces male gametes and a female is one who produces female gametes. There is little wriggle room in the definition. The confusion arises when an individual in one category feels as if they belong in a different category. This may be from the male gamete producer who is feeling a bit girly today to someone who really feels emotionally trapped in a body of the wrong sex. Simpler though it seemed in earlier days it is no longer a universal truth that a male must be a male and vice versa. Quite correctly the different shades (or degrees) of sexuality have emerged as possible and have become recognised. Whether the mental attitude is biologically real or not is beside the point. That said, in my work in Sexual Medicine I have met just as many patients wishing not to be what they feel themselves to be as those who are happy with the situation. Cure is, therefore, a word which, for them, has major relevance. It is not a word to be carelessly dismissed.

Religion is another major headache. The Good Book on which Christianity is based is categorically outspoken against homosexuality. Of course it does not distinguish between different forms of sexual alignment as they had not been invented when the books were written. Is it therefore even possible to be a Christian and an LGBT member? A similar dilemma arises as religious views influence one’s take on the new freedoms. Does one follow the Roman Catholic dogma that forbids condoms and masturbation and abortion? Are you Pro-life or Pro-choice? Do you accept the laws of a tyrannical megalomaniac God or the teachings of Gentle Jesus. And are they more similar than they actually sound?

Next, what about climate change and global warming? Global warming, unless curtailed, is going to damage the planet. No doubt about that, though it’s probably going to take a century or two to do more than trouble any but coastal dwellers. And, long before serious problems arise will not science have found solutions to most things? Re-positioning those living in threatened coastal and river delta regions can be accomplished in plenty of time. The alternative is to go all out for controlling climate change in the hope of ‘saving’ the planet. But to do that we must all accept the disastrous and immediate collapse of economies dependent upon economic expansion.

One’s head can be in a whirl at so many options, choices and decisions.


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