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We have to stop blaming others for the choices we willingly make.

I used to become quite cross at the strident voices demanding governments ‘do something’ to: stop people smoking, drinking too much alcohol, taking illegal drugs, eating known unhealthy food, consuming too much salt/sugars/sweeteners etc.

Now, whilst I still become cross when these matters rip the financial heart out of many health services, I also feel the ‘sufferings’ these self abusers get are simply consequences of individual choices.

In many cases ofcourse the ‘nearest and dearest’ also suffer which is a further selfish consequence.

The only entirely innocent who need protecting are babies and young children who are unable to make choices but here the only villains are parents who abdicate parental responsibility expecting others do do their work.

Manufacturers are only interested in turning a profit, no surprise there, and will do their best to produce goods that facilitate dependency, individuals make the choice to use and consume (as well as feed to offspring).

Sadly I doubt we will ever again revert to accepting that our personal actions have consequences that we should just accept and get on with it and stop blaming others for the choices we willingly make.


Study finds possible link between sugary drinks and cancer

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