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Covve: the first company to be awarded the Innovative SME Certificate in Cyprus

Above the island’s popular Lost + Found bar in Nicosia is a young, vibrant and unexpectedly cool bunch of geeks, buzzing around the corridors of the otherwise uninspiring Anemomylos Building. They are the girls and boys who make up part of the Cypriot tech scene: Digital Tree, Ergodotisi, Stagedoor, Blend, Kodika, Hey Oliver and Covve.

Covve’s team, spread between Nicosia and Athens is committed to helping people build real professional relationships. “We feel that when it comes to building relationships, the tools available to professionals are stuck in the 90s.We set out to change the game and create a true 21st century, AI-powered, mobile-first solution,”says Yiannis Gavrielides.

Yiannis and Alex Protogerellis met at Deloitte Consulting in London and experienced the frustration throughout their professional careers. “We designed Covve for anyone and everyone who values their relationships, be it colleagues or clients and aim to stand out in a world shifting towards casual, shallow business relationships,” adds Alex.

Covve looks and feels like a contacts app, but offers the power you would expect from an advanced CRM system – here is why need a personal CRM. In addition to their innovative platform, Covve’s team has also developed an AI-powered business card scanner capable of accurately reading more than 30 languages including Greek.

It’s just launched inside the Covve app and also as a standalone business card scanning app replacing your card filled drawers.

Covve is being used by thousands of professionals across more than 100 countries and has recently partnered with Deutsche Telekom and Nokia in Europe to offer value directly in the call. It’s focus on R&D has seen it awarded two EU innovation grants and it is the first company in Cyprus to be awarded the Innovative SME certificate.

The changes to the citizenship-by-investment scheme include a €75,000 contribution to research and development or an investment in a certified Innovative SME company, aiming to boost R&D in Cyprus. You can read more about Covve’s certificate and the scheme in their dedicated blog post: Covve: the first company to be awarded the Innovative SME Certificate in Cyprus.The changes to the citizenship-by-investment scheme came into effect in May, so we still need to see the impact they will have, but Covve’s team are already looking to attract funding through the scheme and the other teams above Lost+Found are hard at work to get certified.


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