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Does anyone really believe that EU sanctions will force Turkey to withdraw ‘Fatih’

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

A very well written and accurate CM editorial which once again highlights, as if we need further confirmation, the superficialities, amateurish antics, lack of vision and strategic planning, absence of any statesmanship and of course, the complete lack of judgement we have come to expect not only from the incumbent president but the rest of the failed, miserable dwarfs that preceded him.

With the possible exception of Vassiliou, all other presidents have taken our national problem backwards, causing us huge destruction to the extent that our national sovereignity is now under dispute and even threatened. One only has to look at today’s status quo to realize the extent of the catastrophe brought upon us by them: starting in 1960 when Makarios received a unified and complete island to preside over to today where not only our land borders are under pressure requiring the continued presence, since 1964, of the UN to safeguard our security, but with our EEZ now being disputed, very effectively it seems, by Turkey. With the permanent loss of both just around the corner as formal partition looms.

The UN Secretary General has taken an impartial stand on the EEZ dispute, and in addition has pointed a finger at our side for being disinterested in a settlement in his recent report and instead, only focused on combating any (perceived of course) diplomatic upgrading of the north; our EU partners are fed up with us and most probably regretting ever allowing a dysfunctional, nationalistic and anachronistic society such as this to become a member state in 2004; the US and Russia are keeping equal distance and are frankly disinterested in our mindless actions; and our tri-partite “allies” are conspicuously silent on this dispute.

All perfectly understandable of course; no serious country and the international community at large will risk upsetting Turkey, as well as the fragile state of order in this troubled region in order to please the corruption riddled half a state that prevails here; the very same state that deceived them in 2004 ( and 2013 when we were given billions in loans to stave off state bankruptcy but have since reneged on the terms imposed) and which has continued on its intransigent, provocative and foolhardy roller coaster ride towards the bottom since then.

No one, except the super patriots believes the incumbent, his foreign minister and the rest of the political leadership any more. Especially the garbage about causing “political cost” (very hilarious) to Turkey. A regional power which not only has great influence on the security of the region but could inundate Europe with 3 million plus refugees, should she decide to open the floodgates.

So the leadership will carry on feeding the sheep here with lies about our rights, international law , causing “political cost” to Turkey, that our allies will impose sanctions, that they will all come to evict the Turkish drill ships from our EEZ and that if we wait a little longer, the Turkish economy will implode and we can then take back not only the whole of Cyprus but Constantinople, Smyrna and the whole of Turkey too

All mindless garbage the well known actors who pose as the “ruling elite”. While the unthinking sheep and patriots have not even considered the obvious: given the past track record of these eople who have plundered the state and taxpayers on a grand scale since 1960, do they honestly believe that if somehow we overcome Turkey’s actions and manage to commercially exploit the gas, that we would see just one euro of the proceeds?

Let us hope that Turkey’s actions continue until they bring our leaders to their senses and are forced to negotiate a realistic compromise to settle our national problem. For the benefit of the entire island.

But given what we have seen for the past 50 years or do, do not bet even one euro on it.


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