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Local group to follow EP with live show

By Christos Papadopoulos

Wanting people to broaden their horizons and see beyond our increasingly automated world is the inspiration behind local alternative/hard rock band Barebone releasing a four track EP, Bite The Apple.

“We live in a robotic society. We want to think outside the box, we want to take chances! Temptation sometimes is good, taking chances is the only way to explore new horizons,” says the band’s drummer Constantinos Pavlides. “Bite the apple and take your chances! Don’t hesitate about something because of fear”.

The four-piece band formed in 2014, touring with well known European bands Horkyze Slize and Polemic before releasing their first track Early Years of my Dementia in 2015. In September of 2018, the band received the award for Best Rock Song at the Los Angeles Akademia Music Awards.

The members of the band all have different styles, contributing to the overall sound – Svatso (vocals) was always into hard/classic rock, Takis Foitos (bass) into metal, George Solonos (guitar, vocals) is a producer and a film score composer and Constantinos Pavlides (drums) studied jazz.

The EP’s first track, Since You’re Gone, begins with an atmospheric melodic riff, transitioning into a groovy new bass line accompanying the vocals. The production is spot on, mixed and produced by George Solonos, which makes listening even more enjoyable. The breakdown of the song is quite heavy, which will find the listener definitely headbanging to this groovy new riff.

With Barebone showing off their musicality and professionalism right from the start of the EP, All Around the World, the second track on the album, begins with yet another groovy guitar riff. The track has a very 80s rock n roll fill to it, which blends with the production and sound of today’s technology, perfectly mixing the old and new sound together.

Edge of the Blade and Vampires follow along the same path as the previous songs, with groovy guitar riffs and catchy choruses, the band doing a great job of bridging the 80s hard rock sound with today’s alternative sound. By doing so, Barebone show there is no stop in creativity and experiment when it comes to creating music, but rather keep the excitement by incorporating different influences.

The EP finishes with Black Medicine, which incorporates all musical elements from previous songs.
Barebone is now in talks with several labels to produce a full album but for now local fans can look forward to a concert on August 31 at Savino Live in Larnaca. Stream Bit The Apple on Spotify.


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