On (new) Greek PMs planned visit to Cyprus later this month…

This is an established tradition since 1960 without any political importance.

It’s just a courtesy visit.

We have to wait some time before we’ll see, if the election of Mr Mitsotakis will have any significant bearing on developments in RoC, especially on foreign policies.


Mitsotakis is an well educated and savvy politician who understands real politic.

If he can persuade the Cypriots that petty point scoring and banging their heads against brick walls, as they have done for the last fifty years, will get them nowhere then he should be welcomed.


As seen from the many comments, Cyprus is an independent Republic, so why this continuing obsession with clinging to a country that caused the occupation and in recent times dragged the EU to the brink of bankruptcy?

The Republic can celebrate its Hellenic history without pandering to modern Greece.