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Local authorities appear to have little interest in waste disposal

The reluctance of the government to deal firmly with, and take no responsibility for, those people in Cyprus who feel they have a right to just dump rubbish, debris and unwanted materials anywhere has let to the creation of unofficial tips everywhere on the island.

Once identified no action is taken to clear the areas so they expand, remain and pollute. Whilst there are many responsible citizens, far too many have a cavalier attitude to rubbish disposal honestly believing “it is someone else’s job”.

With this attitude from much of the general public is there any wonder that governments and local authorities appear to have little interest in waste disposal on the land and at sea.

There are few votes to be gained in the matter of waste management on and around Cyprus but helping debtors avoid responsibility for debt repayment is another matter entirely.


Some other commenters blamed private yachts moored in Limassol marina but M has a different view

I’m not convinced it is marina based yachts as, generally, they are responsible owners.

There might always be the exceptions of course.

Likewise I do not believe it is ships either, as sattelite trails would spot the discharge flow but again I could be wrong.

I suspect we need to investigate the old infrastructure that has been overloaded many times over, especially in Limassol, by the construction of buildings and influx of people.

We see dozens of sky scrapers going up but no groundworks to upgrade the sewerage system. If all those buildings are being chanelled into existing inadequate piping then perhaps the emergency overflows are in use more than we would like.

Swimmers to head to EC over sea pollution in Limassol


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