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We are lucky in Cyprus to have GeSy, never mind its teething problems

Doctor’s appointment yesterday went smoothly.

Doctor told those in waiting room at midday that she’d only see the dozen or so without appointments after 2.00pm.

Elderly lady jumped the queue begging doctor for her usual prescription. Doctor complied. Everyone is exploiting GeSy for freebies.

What’s new? Medication cost is derisory in most cases. Pharmacies now stocking generics and dropping brand name drugs, which GeSy do not prescribe. But patients must make up difference for drugs not covered by GeSy, mostly those suffering from uncommon conditions/diseases. Cannot run a soup kitchen without soup…

Doctor printed off my prescriptions – A4 paper – all computerized. Gave me another A4 with coordinates to access my medical records online, which directed me to Beneficiary GeSy account after entering Username and Password. Then had to enter code on A4. Another code was sent by SMS to my mobile which I entered to access records, which displayed ‘No records to date’ – in other words, records had not yet been updated to this service other than to say I’d visited doctor today.

Great IT but poor AI – if only IT was supported by great AI, GeSy might work.

I hear Amazon are offering to help UK’s NHS by diagnosing the sick online without need for NHS doctor.

Automation is the future, robots our slaves. Misdiagnosis leading to early death is certain…


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