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A minute with Monica Panayi President of Accept LGBTI Cyprus

Where do you live?
I live in Nicosia.

Best childhood memory?
We used to travel a lot with my family so best memory is when we visited Maui and of course California during summer vacation.

Most frequented restaurant and absolute favourite dish? What food would you really turn your nose up to?
Currently I enjoy going to To-go, I especially enjoy their sushi and salads. But my absolute favourite type of food is Mexican cuisine and my favourite dish is pork carnitas in tacos or chimichangas.
I like all kinds of food but I definitely never tried snails and never want to attempt to do so.

What did you have for breakfast?
For breakfast I had a frape and halloumi in pitta

Would you class yourself as a day or night person? What’s your idea of the perfect night/day out?
A bit of a hard question but I definitely used to be a night person but as you grow older you have to become a day person. So I am a day person with night person tendencies. A perfect night/day is anytime I can go out and dance to music. I am definitely the dancing type.

Best book ever read?
I am not a big reader but when I read, I tend to read for professional development reasons. If I had to pick one book, I did read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Honestly what I loved about it was that JK Rowling writes in a very colourful and vivid manner and allows the readers to create their own movie in their heads.

Favourite film of all time?
Mean Girls – Tina Fey has a very smart humour and this is literally one of those movies that you do not get sick and tired of watching. I quote it all the time. But also the Harry Potter Films, favourite one is the prisoner of Azkaban!

Favourite holiday destination? What’s your dream trip?
Favourite destination is Paris. I love Paris but I love travelling so a dream trip will be to travel all over the world. Especially Asia and Oceania.

What music are you listening to in the car at the moment?
I like main stream music in the car.

What is always in your fridge?
Cheese!!! I love Cheese

Dream house: rural retreat or urban dwelling? Where would it be, what would it be like?
I am definitely a city girl! I love the city. I would not mind moving to a European Big City I like the cosmopolitan lifestyle and I could definitely go for a nice little apartment in Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid or anywhere with a lot of people.

If you could pick anyone at all (alive or dead) to go out for the evening with, who would it be?
I would definitely go to dinner with my grandma. I did not get the chance to say goodbye when she was sick and the moment when she passed I lived abroad.

If the world is ending in 24 hours what would you do?
Spend time with my loved one on the beach eating Mexican Food and drinking plenty of beer.

What is your greatest fear?

Tell me a joke…
What does a nosy pepper do? Gets jalapeño business

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