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Ayia Napa is an U 25s clubbing Mecca whether we like it or not

File photo: Ayia Napa at night

Ayia Napa is an U 25s clubbing Mecca , where ‘sleep ‘ is the last thing on the minds of the majority clientele.

Ayia Napa is a fairly spread out resort not much noise in the Nissi Beach area and most of the ‘boom boom ‘ noise is around ‘the square ‘ and a few streets surrounding it .

If tourists want to sleep or bring small families there are many alternative resorts to Ayia Napa .

Notwithstanding that the ‘noise pollution ‘ is ‘over the top ‘ .

The Napa mayor may have a vision to try and change the image of Ayia Napa but it’s all about making money at the end of the day be it ‘boom boom ‘ music , ‘laughing gas balloons , drink , drugs , sex , that’s the bottom line unfortunately.



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