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Justice trumps all other considerations even if it means that the court would not be quorate

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One of the few occasions where all commenters have the same view….

The Law of Necessity is just a dodge, and everyone knows it.

If they cannot reduce the quorum, then the Supreme Court should declare itself unable to rule on this matter, and the decision should be elevated to the EU Courts.

Let’s not forget that there are large tranches of EU Law that have still not been transcribed into Cypriot Law (an obligation on all EU States), and real-life test-cases are one of the most effective ways of getting that task addressed.

Just imagine how much nonsense could be avoided if/when Cyprus Laws are just replaced by their EU counterpart?


In many instances – not only in Cyprus- the law has little to do with logic.It was though well explained here that it contravenes natural justice.

In this case though the decision of the judges is more than illogical. They decided that the “law of necessity” is forcing them to sit in judgement of themselves.

In fact they are breaking every law of natural justice.

As some pointed out …where are the demonstrations?

P.S.What chance of the AG winning any cases against dishonest bankers etc.when is already proven that the children and families of the judges are involved directly or otherwise.



Judges cannot sit in judgment in their own cause


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