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UNFICYP should not leave before the Cyprus problem is solved

The present function of the UN is to monitor the ‘status quo ‘ in the Buffer Zone , pending a settlement .

The position of the ‘status quo ‘ has been breached several times since 1974 especially by Turkish forces but in the main the ‘status quo ‘ has been observed by both sides .

The UN only operate on ‘good will ‘ from both parties . The presence of the UN has offered their good offices as a ‘facilitator ‘ if both sides wish to come to an agreement on the future position of the island .

The UN however cannot stay forever in Cyprus and are weighing up their options at present. If they do leave the buffer zone will be up for grabs . Turks will have foreseen a possible UN withdrawal and will be prepared and ready to grab most if not all of the buffer zone.

This will be particularly dangerous as there are a number of Greek Cypriot villages in the buffer zone.

The UN needs to give its position serious consideration in the absence of any settlement .



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