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Cypriots and Turks need to wind their necks in and start to be the adults in the room

Very good points regarding the viability of hydrocarbons as they are increasingly becoming the undesirable option for future energy.

The EU will do nothing at all to help this situation, they are becoming increasingly clear with their own personal objectives. Cyprus along with all the other small members states are merely making up the numbers. Cyprus would do well to make amends with Turkey, unify and work together, Turkey has its problems, but is a massive country with wealth and power, it also has a lot more clout with the EU as a non member state than Cyprus does as a member.

Cyprus unified would prosper, it would benefit all Cypriots.

Cyprus within the EU will become a desert, fields already stand empty because farmers get subsidies instead of farming. Pork is being imported cheaper from EU than Cypriot pig farmers can produce. This will not end well.

Cypriots and Turks need to wind their necks in and start to be the adults in the room, and maybe show other nations how to do things.


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