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The rich history of Athienou

The rich history of the village of Athienou has for the last ten years been on display at the village’s Kallinikio Museum

The rich history of the village of Athienou has for the last ten years been on display at the village’s Kallinikio Museum, the highlight of which is the exhibits brought to light by the archaeological excavations from the area of Malloura.

“The Kallinikio Municipal Museum was born from the wish of the people of Athienou to present their rich history, the immense archaeology of our area and the ecclesiastical tradition as well as its cultural heritage,” Athienou mayor Kyriakos Kareklas said. He added that the museum has hosted thousands of visitors while cooperating with eminent scientists, academics and artists for the organisation of exhibitions, educational programmes and other activities. Every year since 1990 archaeological excavations are carried out in the area in co-operation with the head of the Archeological Mission of Davidson University of America Dr Michalis Toumazou. The various pieces that have been brought to light are now on show at the Kallinikio.

The museum now hosts three collections: archeological, ecclesiastical and ethnographic. Kareklas said that exhibits are presented from various personalities of the municipality, such as the great benefactor of Athienou, the late and internationally renowned monk Kallinikos Stavrovouniotis, who donated a large collection to the museum. Exhibits from the brothers George and Alki Kepola are also hosted, artists who worked the byzantine tradition in iconography and mosaic.

Some of the museum’s exhibits, he said, “include the struggles of Athienou people who with sweat and difficulty cultivated the land and made the village of Athienou famous for its baked goods, cheese and other dairy products as well as the popular embroidery work.”

He highlighted the effort launched by the municipality in the summer of 2018 “for the creation of faithful copies of important antiquities of Athienou currently housed in the Metropolitan Museum in New York and the Louvre Museum in Paris.” Just recently the museum has secured three-dimensional scans of two ancient objects that were stolen from the region and are now in the Metropolitan Museum of New York.

The museum is currently working towards promoting the integration of interactive media and emerging technologies to improve the visibility of collections and to make visits more interactive.

Kareklas stated that “Kallinikio Municipal Museum is a lively museum, because it focuses on every visitor, presenting its collections with modern methods and is constantly transforming and opening doors to new collaborations.”


Kallinikio museum of Athienou

2, Archbishop Makarios Ave, Athienou. Tel: 24-524004, [email protected]


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