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Embracing animated film

Kimonos Art Centre, in collaboration with the Anassa Hotel and the cultural services of the Ministry of Education, announce the summer edition of the Animattikon Project, which features a series of animation workshops for children, organised by several distinguished animators from Cyprus and abroad, as well as a number of screenings of animated films.

For its first summer edition, the Animattikon Project has the honour to host American director Brett Ingram, who will present several of his films and documentaries. The focus will be on the great animator Bruce Bickford, who passed away last April. The event is dedicated to his memory.

It is an event that embraces a wide range of activities revolving around the subject of animated film: a series of animation workshops open to the public, conferences and lectures on the history and theory of animation, cine-concerts where music is accompanied by animation and vice-versa. Several side screenings are organised as parallel events.

All these activities are not merely side events of the festival’s screenings but are proposed as a central element, in the same level as the screenings. The actual meaning of the word festival is the celebration. Celebration presupposes participation, not simply attendance. To celebrate something means to be together in something and to enjoy doing it. This is the purpose of the Animattikon Project: to make the notions of the creation of animated films accessible to everybody. Through the workshops, conferences and lectures, the public is introduced to a wide range of animated techniques, to the multiple levels of forms animated film can take and to the plethora of situations it can be applied to.

In this way, the screenings of films are offered to a much more instructed and better informed public and are proposed as something to read into. People will have the opportunity to understand the implications of the animated films they are watching in a deeper level. The knowledge they can access through the festival’s activities will allow them to appreciate and better understand the work that goes behind what they are watching.

Another of the main aspects of the Animattikon Project is its location. Even though the project takes place in three other places in the town of Paphos (the café Ananas 8bit, the cultural centre Technopolis20 and the Kimonos Art Centre) the centre of its activities is the historical cinema theatre Attikon after which the project is named.

The Attikon was one of the first cinemas of Paphos. It was opened in 1938 by Nicolas Taliotis (also known as Attikos, a name people gave him after his cinema). It has always been a cinema, a meeting place for people of all ages.


The Animattikon Project – Summer edition

August 6 to 11. Annasa Hotel, Paphos

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