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The Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish side

Fazil Kutchuk and Archbishop Makarios

For some time now , and on various occasions I challenged and criticised the author (George Koumoullis) for his failure to point out that the first people to show bad faith after the London-Zurich Agreements
( February 1959) were the Turkish. I repeatedly pointed out that the interception of the Deniz boat incident on 18/10/1959 was the first such that clearly showed the intentions of the Turkish side.

Now I see that the writer put the point to Ismael.

And the answer was something about the Akritas plan and the fact that the Greeks had plenty of teams ready to fight.

A knowledgeable man should have pointed out that five months earlier (March 1959) EOKA “gave up” its guns and ammunition. Hundreds of guns and thousand of bombs were put under the British.They were “ surrendered” in churches all over the island.

In fact he could have pointed to the fact, if he was aware, that in 1964 (intercommunal fighting) the Turkish side was so well armed .

Akritas, by the way, was formed well after the day of independence(16/8/1960).

The idea that the Turkish Cypriots were given so many privileges and therefore would have been happy, ignores the historical facts and the role of Turkey.

That the enosis struggle was the problem is another myth.

In 1954 the leader of Turkish Cypriots, Dr.Kuchuk sent a telegram to the Secretary General of UN saying that “he vehemently rejects Enosis, self determination or plebiscite”.

He also added in August 1954,  ‘the Turkish youth in Turkey have grown up with the idea that as soon as Great Britain leaves Cyprus, the island will be taken over by the Turks”.

In 1956 Nithat Erim submitted a report to Prime Minister Menderes and since that day the strategy never wavered.

The Erim report clearly states that the only solution for Cyprus consists of partition under Turkish control and mentions population exchange and settlement by mainland Turks.

In 1957 Dr. Kutsiuk proposed the division of the island.

That proposal is the exact Attila line of today( with the exception of the enclosed Famagusta).


‘Enosis or death’, ‘taksim or death’.

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