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Cyprus has second-highest number of mobile tertiary students in EU

Cyprus has the second-highest number of mobile tertiary students in the EU, according to the latest Eurostat figures published on Tuesday.

Mobile tertiary students coming from abroad represented 8.1 per cent of all enrolled tertiary students in the EU in 2017. The shares differed significantly among the member states.

The largest shares were observed in Luxembourg (46.7 per cent), Cyprus (23.1 per cent) and Austria (17.2 per cent), while the lowest was recorded in Croatia, Spain and Greece (all 3 per cent).

To study and graduate in a country other than one’s home country has become increasingly common among students. In 2017, there were in total 1.7 million such mobile tertiary students in the EU coming from abroad, both from other EU member states and from outside the EU, a number which has increased by 22 per cent since 2013.

The number has increased in Cyprus by four percentage points in just one year, up from 19.1 per cent in 2016.

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