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Parties will not shoot themselves in the foot

Bishop of Morphou Neophytos

A well meaning, but obviously flawed question put out as a conclusion by the writer (of Our View).

Most obviously, we have neither a ‘liberal’ nor ‘democratic’ society here in the main. Secondly, the writer is being naive if he/she believes that these unscrupulous ‘politicians’ are out there to defend anybody or anything other than their own self interest, self enrichment and pockets. And finally, to refer to them as ‘parties’ is as accurate as referring to Trump as a statesman.

Cyprus is a secular state in name only. Since, as the sensible among us know, the church and religion are very much intertwined in daily life. The archbishop and the church are larger than life to the extent that hey are involved in all matters (except perhaps spiritual guidance it seems) in this dysfunctional island. Be it their incestuous involvement in politics (especially the infamous Cyprob), ‘political parties’, the ‘ruling elite’ , ‘education system’ as well as the ‘business sector’ and even the banking sector.

Consequently, this so called EU member state has more in common with a theocracy than a modern secular state. Add the fact that these ‘politicians’ are terrified of the archbishop and the sway he has over voters and one can understand why all these morally and ethically bankrupt ‘parties’ have remained silent.

Even the so called marxists/communists of AKEL who are not supposed to have anything to do with religion are conspicuous by their silence.

So do not expect ANY criticism of the foolish bishop by the parties – they will not shoot themselves in the foot (no, they only specialise causing untold damage to the taxpayers and rest of society)

And there may be another reason for their silence. Perhaps, all these mediocrities who pose as ‘politicians’ (and ‘parties’) may actually believe what the bishop says and agree with him. After all, he is merely spreading the word of some saint – and we all know how this island has been built (destroyed) by the saints and priests since the ottoman days.


Our View: Why did our voluble politicians fail to challenge a bigoted bishop?

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