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Migrants need more help to integrate into the community

Empty properties are being used to house African economic migrants – mostly young male Somali and Sudanese. The migrants are unoccupied and sit on pavements outside these temporary homes gabbling noisily throughout the entire night.

Migration claims it offers camp residence for only 7% of migrants. Does that mean the remainder are being spread throughout the suburbs?

The topography of Nicosia is altering rapidly – the streets are alive with the sound of aimless migrants.

Petrides is blaming the EU, not border control, which is his responsibility. The government does not have a viable policy to deal with migrants. Why not? All it does is blame the EU and complain.

he ministry cannot be bothered to set up proper facilities and find these guys jobs so that they integrate into the community. Migrants have become peaceful pashas for the time being. But trouble will brew if this worsening situation is not resolved. The devil finds work for idle hands.


More reception centres to deal with  increased asylum seekers

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