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Pricey milk but cheaper meat: what food costs in Cyprus

Of 23 European countries, Cyprus sells the second most expensive milk but fares quite well when it comes to other items.

On average, a litre of milk costs €1.40, while the cheapest is available in Turkey, for a third of the price (€0.59). Customers pay most for milk in Norway (€1.71 per litre) with Switzerland in third place at €1.39.

This is one of the facts in a study by the new food shopping tool by website Compare My Mobile which compares food prices in Cyprus and 22 other European countries.

The study revealed that on average a shopping basket full of the most common food items costs €65.45 per week in the UK, but if the same items were purchased in Cyprus it would cost €57.83. This means monthly savings of €32.96 and a not insignificant €395.50 per year for Cypriot shoppers compared to shoppers in the UK. The items cost most in Switzerland per week, €141.06, and least in Turkey, €34.24.

Switzerland has by far the highest prices when it comes to meat. A round of beef was priced at €41.31 at the end of July, while it cost €6.20 in Cyprus and €3.51 in Hungary where it is cheapest.

One kilo of chicken breast can be bought for €20.76 on average in Switzerland, €6.62 in Cyprus and a mere €2.77 in Turkey.

When it comes to fruit, again they are most costly in Switzerland and cheapest in Turkey. A kilo of apples, for example, will set you back €3.40 in Switzerland, €1.85 in Cyprus and €0.59 in Turkey.

Of the most popular fruit and vegetables analysed, Turkey ranked among the cheapest, where fresh foods like bananas, tomatoes, onions, potatoes and oranges cost under €1.21 each for  one kilo.

Though this may be encouraging for vegetarians living in Turkey, the availability of other cheap items may discourage healthy living.

The price of a pack of cigarettes (for a package of 20) ranges from €11.87 in Norway to just €1.93 in Turkey.

The study used the database to calculate their data. For more info


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