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Children are family at Discovery Garden kindergarten

When it comes to giving your child the very best opportunity for the future, finding the right kindergarten really does matter.

With our children being the most special things in our lives, it is only right that we worry when it is time for them to take their first steps without us – and that’s exactly why at Discovery Garden we do things differently. As an extension to your family, we make all of our children feel that they are not leaving you, rather they are coming into our wider home for some fantastic fun.

Transitioning into school should be seen as a process, not an event, and should be planned for and discussed with children and parents to ensure a smooth and stress free transition. Working together with parents to prepare and support transition is incredibly important as it instills a positive image into the mind of the children which results in the blueprint to a smoother and more enjoyable start to school life.

“When learning through play is properly delivered, children have no idea they are learning at all and, in-turn, school is no longer something to fear, but to look forward to!” Jenny Riley, head of Discovery Garden School and international early years adviser said.

At Discovery Garden, we understand that it is through play in which children learn to their optimum level. They are able to get engrossed in their activities and, like a sponge, soak up the new skills without even being aware they are doing anything other than having a great time. At Discovery Garden we plan for, and deliver, an outstanding stimulating environment which allows all of our children to work at their individual level and for the teachers to differentiate between levels of development even within small groups.

When you live internationally, the choice of when to introduce your child to another language can sometimes become a challenge. As an English speaking school, and with children from all around the world, Discovery Garden fully understand the stages of language development which enables us to accept and support children who don’t speak, or have never even encountered the English language before. We use a variety of techniques to ensure that from day one every child can feel comfortable and join in and get the most from all of our fun activities.

If you have a child who is, or soon will be, in the one to five-year-old age range then why not get in touch with Jenny directly to discuss the very best approach to making that movement from home to school more of a smooth slide than a jump? With more than 15 years’ experience across British and international settings, and two young children herself, she can explain what you can do at home to prepare, how best to introduce your child to the school environment and of course answer any questions you may have.

Discovery Garden is a purpose built Early Years School in Paphos that is 100 per cent child-focused. From the orthopedic child-friendly tables and chairs through to the large sports hall packed full of activities for one to five-year-olds, every aspect is designed with our youngest in mind. The facilities are of the highest quality and include a library, large outside area, family

area where you can relax with a coffee and meet other parents, sports hall and of course, classrooms that are fully prepared with age-appropriate activities by our fully qualified and experienced teachers.

Want to find out more? Call to arrange a visit on: 95-934240 or visit:

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