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Cyprus to take part in themed excursion holiday packages

Aphrodite's rock, the birthplace of the goddess

The tourism ministry has reached agreements with neighbouring countries regarding joint excursion packages, it was announced on Friday.

The aim is to attract tourists from the USA, Canada, China, Japan and France, the announcement said.

According to the ministry, negotiations with Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon have been completed, while an agreement with Greece is imminent.

The packages include thematic routes, and include the main sights of these countries, featuring natural beauty, cultural sites, big events and more, all of which tourists can visit on a single excursion package.

The packages will focus on themes such as diving into the sea of Aphrodite, following in the footsteps of Apostle Paul, Mediterranean and Middle East gastronomy, the hidden treasures of the Phoenicians and a photographic journey of the eastern Mediterranean.

The next step is to inform tour operators, the ministry noted, with the aim of putting into practice what has been planned.

The themes of the packages will also form the basis for trips offered to visitors from cruise ships.


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