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Minister’s Pissouri visit just a charade

All existing evidence indicates that the damage to the Pissouri homes was caused by a landslide triggered by uncontrolled groundwater

This interior minister obviously had his brief from his superiors well before arriving in Pissouri.

Walk around the village with your eyes closed, do NOT engage with any of the families affected – either Cypriot or British – do NOT offer anything of substance, speak only of vague offers of assistance in the future and express anger with the local peasants that contacted the press both here and in the UK.

The interior minister did however show the Achilles heel of the government here by expressing his anger at the bad publicity this disaster has brought upon Cyprus so I feel sure this is the way forward for Pissouri.

If this publicity is maintained and indeed increased across the world together with litigation through the local courts and then eventually to the European courts I feel there could well be a favourable outcome for the people of Pissouri village.

These people cannot hold back the tide of progress, eventually they will have to come to terms with the real world instead of living cocooned in their corrupt enclave.

I was hoping the next generation politicians after the dinosaurs would have progressive ideas.

Hope he enjoyed his free lunch at the expense of the village tax payers!



Minister says Pissouri study ready in 2020, offers no compensation

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