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A mountain out of a molehill

To a Russian in Moscow Christos P Panayiotides is making a mountain out of a molehill in his article ‘Russian ambassador underrates the intelligence of Cyprus people’ published on July 21, 2019, but he may have a change of heart while visiting your beautiful island.

That’s exactly what happened to me in Limassol when I saw there a map of your country with Turkey being painted black and menacing. I then understood how you perceive your northern neighbour. And I understood something else – that’s how Western Europe perceives Russia. In other words, exactly how Russia perceives Western Europe.

Nations are not hostages to their politicians who come and go but rather to their weapons that only become more and more sophisticated. I personally have no wish to take up my Kalashnikov again and patrol your streets and beaches. Nor am I particularly interested in our hypersonic missiles and nuclear underwater drones. But Mr Putin said that if you don’t want to feed your army, you’ll feed another country’s army. And he is right, is he not?

So our ambassador’s to Cyprus being a small cog in a big wheel shouldn’t be interpreted as his underrating your intelligence.

Mergen Mongush, Moscow


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