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We’ll never come back to Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa

A great article the Mail about noise levels from clubs in Ayia Napa and the failure of deputies to act. We know of many people who came in the last few years and will never come back to Napa again. We were there last week during the afternoon and there is an obsession with playing music as loud as possible.

We parked at the monastery and all around the noise was horrendous. We then made the mistake of walking to the harbour just as the cruise boats came in and we had to avoid hundreds of drunken Brits heading into town – the language was horrendous and some of the girls might as well have been naked.

I had an article published last year about a new club in Pernera. I would be interested to know if our local mayor shares the same views as the mayor of Ayia Napa. The club is surrounded by hotels, villas and restaurants and at weekends I doubt if anyone gets any sleep. We have met many people recently who asked to be moved from their hotels, complained to the club owners and asked villa owners for a refund. Suffice to say every request fell on deaf ears. In fact, one hotel said they had received a substantial sum from club owners. Everyone we spoke to will never come back again – indeed several curtailed their holiday early.

Tony Andrew, Paralimni

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